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Kurobatei Restaurant at Misaki Port

Home to the popular grilled maguro tuna head

A great alternative to Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market and its surrounding sushi restaurants is the small fishing town of Misaki. Located at the mouth of Tokyo Bay in Miura Peninsula and approximately 40 miles south of Tokyo Metropolis, Misaki not only offers a great selection of restaurants offering special Maguro dishes, it’s an affordable getaway without the heavy congestion. Follow me on my day trip to tranquil Misaki for photos at the port and lunch at Kurobatei, famous for the grilled whole-head Maguro tuna!

Since I live in Yokosuka, Misaki Port is a convenient 12-mile drive. There are a few parking areas free of charge, or the pay park lot is just 610yen for 12 hours. An alternative is to take advantage of the Misaki Maguro Day Trip Ticket offered at select Keikyu ticket gates. This discount ticket includes a round-trip train fare, an unlimited express bus in designated areas, a maguro meal coupon at one of 20 participating restaurants, and an amusement park for just 2,850yen to 3,060yen, depending on your departure station.

First order of business, satisfy our tuna craving! If you’re a fan of the television show Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, you may have seen Kurobatei featured on his visit to Tokyo on Season 5, Episode 6. Their specialty is Kabuto grill, a whole Bluefin tuna head that requires at least 4-hours in the oven. You see, Master Chef & Artist, Yoshio “Oyaji” Yamada of Kurobatei believes that “tuna has no limits.” He utilizes cuts of tuna in his dishes that other restaurants typically throw away. Since maguro tuna is the most consumed fish in Japanese restaurants than any other place in the world, he encourages all of his chefs to incorporate all parts of the prized fish into their menu to sustain the species. Kurobatei serves a whopping 200+ types culinary delights throughout the year!

Since we didn’t make the required 3-day advance reservation for our chance to try some cheek, eye, and chin meat of Kabuto, we decided to order dishes more familiar to us. I ordered #12 on the English menu, which included four different cuts of melt-in-your-mouth tuna sashimi served on top of a bed of shredded seaweed, daikon, and shiso leaf, displayed in an adorable wooden boat. A bowl of steamed rice, miso soup, and curry flavored tuna flake were also included. My husband ordered #2, a bowl of rice topped with medium fatty tuna. According to the menu, it has been voted as the favorite among customers! My husband ate his meal so fast I didn't have enough time to sample it for myself. However, we ended up sharing a deep-fried dish called Maguro Cream Croquette, a popular order among females and small children. Let me tell ya, it was a sure hit for the both of us! The filling was so creamy and delicious, fried to perfection. Prices are not referenced on the menu, but for one appetizer, two main courses, and a draft beer, we ended up spending about 5,500yen.

The sun was about to set, so we set foot towards Misaki Port. Along the way you can view Jogashimaohashi Bridge, catch a glimpse of the sea tour boat Nijiiro Sakana Go, and walk through Misaki Fisherina Warf Unari, a market offering ocean-fresh seafood and soft serve ice cream. Just across the way, you’ll notice a large beige building. This is Misaki Fish Market where tuna auctions occur on a daily basis. If you have time to visit Jogashima Island, you are likely to see a stunning view of snow-capped Mt. Fuji during wintertime.

To learn more about Kurobatei, you can follow both Chef Yoshio Yamada and Chef Takuya Yamada on various social networking platforms linked to their website. To access more details on Misaki and all that Miura has to offer, visit the City of Miura Sightseeing page. If you happen to be commuting through Haneda International Airport, stop by the Keikyu Information booth for various discount packages such as the Misaki Maguro Day Trip Ticket.

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