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Ramen-flavoured Ice Cream

Taste the latest attraction at the Cup Noodle Museum

Japan is known for its unusual edible creations. Ramen as an ice cream flavour may not be as extreme as raw horse meat or python, but it is worth a try for fans of instant ramen who are feeling more adventurous.

The famed Cup Noodles Museum in Yokohama is now serving up its signature flavours in ice cream form. Up on the fourth floor of the museum in the Noodle Bazaar, you can sample two new ice cream flavours—standard or curry ramen. These flavours were launched this August to commemorate passing 400 million visitors to the museum since its opening in 2011. The ice cream costs ¥300, and comes in an insulated cup with the standard cup noodle trademark design.

I decided to try the curry flavoured one, marking my first experience with savoury ice cream. To be honest, it did not look very appealing but the taste was quite pleasant. Some of the ingredients, such as the small pieces of carrot and chives, seem to be the same as those found in regular cup noodles. The pieces of meat and flavour cubes however, had the crunchy texture of croutons and enhanced the ice cream. In terms of the flavour, it stays true to the taste of cup noodles, and blends quite nicely with the creamy texture of the ice cream. For the ramen lovers, it is a great option to beat the summer heat and a novel way of enjoying the taste of instant ramen.

While at the Noodles Bazaar, there are also stalls selling noodle dishes from all over the world, which you can try. Head out towards the balcony on the same floor for a scenic view of Yokohama and to enjoy some sea breeze. Downstairs, there are many other things to do, such as designing your own custom cup noodles at the My CupNoodles Factory, and learning about how the concept of instant ramen came about in the Momofuku Theatre.

Ramen is definitely not my new favourite flavour of ice cream, but the introduction of this unique dessert is a suitable reflection of Momofuku Ando’s innovative spirit, which this museum celebrates.

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Chris 5 years ago
Interesting. I can't even imagine the flavor. Pretty cool.
Elena Lisina 7 years ago
I bet it's good! I'll try next time!
Anonymous 7 years ago
mixed thoughts about this...
Lucie Delaval 7 years ago
Merci, mais... Non merci ^^ C'est un peu trop étrange pour moi.
Relinda Puspita 8 years ago
Strange, want to try tho.

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