Entrance of HOTEL MYSTAYS Kyoto-Shijo (Photo: HOTEL MYSTAYS Kyoto-Shijo)
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Kyoto's gems at your fingertips

HOTEL MYSTAYS Kyoto-Shijo was a fantastic experience. Its facilities were immaculate, staff well prepared and respectful, and location perfect for the anxious sightseer. The multilingual staff (including English) is there to help you with any questions or concerns in a calm and kind manner, and make you feel very at home. In my stay, which was during tourism season, there was a very large and international crowd, which did not for one second affect the staff’s ability or level of care.

Japanese hotels might have a reputation for being small, cramped or uncomfortable; this was certainly not the case. The room was spacious and very comfortable. The room had a wide desk, perhaps for any mid-travel work, web-browsing or anything in between, convenient outlets both on the desk, on the bed’s back board and in the bathroom. There are many booklets and pamphlets in multiple languages easily explaining the use of the hotel’s high speed wireless internet and other rules or services that the hotel offers. It has a humidifier, a shirt press for ironing, hair dryer, a code-lockable safe, mini fridge, electric kettle with free tea available in the room and front lobby, and daily rest towels, nightwear and other personal hygiene products. Depending on the size of the room your bed size may change, but they are very cozy nonetheless and even have memory foam pillows. This may seem like a needless detail to include, but for any experienced traveler, a good night's sleep is a must for getting up and having a successful next day; the memory foam pillows do just that. The air conditioning is easy to control, water pressure in the shower never lacking, and all the lights in your room controllable from the backrest of the bed.

The location in Kyoto is right on a main road called Shijo Dori, perhaps a thirty minute walk from Kyoto station or an easy 7 minute train ride. This puts you within considerable walking distance with many famous shrines and popular destinations like Nijo Castle, Kyoto Gyoen National Garden, Yasaka, Kennin, and Kiyomizudera Temple, even the famous Gion area, known as the the popular Geisha district. Also near many bus stops and connecting train stations, it is very easy to get anywhere else in Kyoto that you wish to go.

All in all, this hotel is well worth your time and travel expenses, putting you right in the center of Kyoto and all of its popular destinations.

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