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Zam Zam Indian Cuisine

Featuring all-you-can-eat curry

I judge a book by its cover and a restaurant by its name. So when I met a friend staying at the ryokan-style hotel Bansuitei Ikoiso, we of course had to settle on a nearby eatery known as Zam Zam. I still don't know what Zam Zam means, but at the time thought it sounded like a flavor explosion or a B-rated action film. Either way, we happily went to investigate. Location wise, we wanted a quieter place like this blocks away from the busy downtown area of Sendai in order to catch up. The second floor restaurant just a five minute walk from Kitayonbancho Station greeted us with its neon sign advertising Indian and Pakistani cuisine. We walked in with smiles as big as our appetites.

As far as I can tell, the restaurant has traditional decor, authentic ingredients, and friendly Indian chefs. As we sat down and glanced over the English and Japanese menu filled with mouth-watering pictures of food, our tongues licked our lips to the rhythm of the cultural background music. We were hungry and wanted it all, so we decided upon the all-you-can eat three curry special. Offered during lunch or dinner and costing less than 1500 yen, this set course is sure to satisfy your hunger for good food in massive qualities. In addition to the curry selection (including a vegetarian option), there is saffron rice and salad. The salad is mixed with a creamy, cool sauce which is a great contrast and compliment to the spicy and rich curry. You are also served one of the biggest pieces of naan bread I have ever seen. One is enough--trust me.

Overall, I thought the restaurant was affordable, classy, and some great Indian food. There were a few Japanese in the restaurant that I overheard saying the curry was too spicy, but that was just one of the three options. And doesn't spicy Indian food prove it is authentic? The buffet is self serve with the metal lunch tray you are given. I thought the tray was tacky at first, but I quickly realized that with three curries, rice, and salad, I would have way too many plates and bowls. The owners went with practical over anesthetics with this choice. Other food options are available and are served on plates. Zam Zam is great for a small group, but the open floor plan may mean it won't be best for an intimate date or large group that may disturb others.

Come hungry and leave happy with a taste of India in Sendai.

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