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Living A Rural Life Style in Aya, Miyazaki Prefecture

Organic farming experience in Japanese countryside

I relocated to the Japanese countryside, in a village called "Aya", in Miyazaki Prefecture, for one month, learning about the culture, history, and local people.

It's a completely different lifestyle than what I am used to living in a bigger city, but I think they have the right idea here-- life is simple, and the rewards are simple, and the happiness is simple.

Check out a few activities as we cook the most amazing vegetarian lunch (I didn't even realize it was vegetarian!) and learn to weave some textiles!

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Elizabeth S 3 years ago
The food looks so fresh and delicious! It's a treat to see your country life experience in Miyazaki.
Kim 4 years ago
Always great to see rural areas highlighted. Looks like a great experience!

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