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A Day Trip to Obuse

The town of chestnuts

If you want to take a day off to enjoy the serenity and quietness of the Japanese countryside, Obuse is a must-see. It is easily reachable from cities like Tokyo and Kanazawa. Only 30 minutes away from Nagano station by train, you won’t find any retail chains here or crowds of tourists. What you get is a town full of chestnuts, Hokusai (i.e. paintings by Katsushika Hokusai) and flowers.

Here are the best things to do in Obuse, following a recommended route:

1. Rent a bike from Obuse Tourist Information Centre (Apr–Nov)

Obuse is a little quaint town perfect to travel around by bike. There are plenty of beautiful sceneries of traditional Japanese houses and meadows along the way, plus the roads are fairly quiet at most times. You can rent a bike from a lot of places, but the Obuse Tourist Information Centre has the most budget-friendly deal going and it is right next to the station: ¥400 for the first 2 hours, and ¥100 per hour onwards.

Obuse Station
Obuse Station

Obuse Tourist Information Centre
Tel: 026-214-6300
Opening hours: 09:00–17:00
Address: 1497-2 Obuse, Obuse, Nagano prefecture 381-0201
website: obusekanko.jp

2. Kantenbaba (かんてんばば) – Agar food products store

Kantenbaba is all about agar. It offers more than 200 different agar food products, ranging from agar jelly to agar noodle, agar juice to agar salad. You can also try out some agar snacks like the one below at the takeout corner, and enjoy the artworks at the store’s repurposed warehouse.

Kantenbaba – Agar food products shop
Kantenbaba – Agar food products shop

Tel: 026-242-6280
Opening hours: 09:00–18:30 (–18:00 in winter)
Address: 1117 Obuse-machi, Kamitakai-gun, Nagano, 〒381-0201
website: https://www.kantenpp.co.jp/

3. Senseki Restaurant (桜井甘精堂泉石亭)

Known for its kuriokowa (steamed rice with sweet chestnuts), Senseki restaurant offers delicate dishes with seasonal ingredients. I would say the price is quite reasonable for the food’s taste, presentation and particularly the view - it has arguably the best garden in Obuse. You won’t regret asking for the table next to the garden.

Soba Set at Senseki Restaurant
Soba Set at Senseki Restaurant

Tel: 026-247-5166
Opening hours: 10:30–18:00 (Closed on Tuesday)
Address: 779 Obuse, Kamitakai-gun, Nagano, 〒381-0201
website: www.kanseido.co.jp

4. Kanseido (桜井甘精堂本店) - Chestnuts confectionery shop

For all the chestnuts lovers out there, this is the best shop you can ever ask for. Established in 1808, all Kanseido's sweets are jam-packed with quality chestnuts - rich and natural flavour. It has a snacking area where you can have some chestnuts ice cream, but if you are looking for more traditional confectioneries, you should definitely give Youkan (traditional Japanese Jelly) and Dorayaki (traditional Japanese pancake) a shot!

Kanseido (Chestnuts confectionery shop)
Kanseido (Chestnuts confectionery shop)

Tel: 026-247-1088
Opening hours: 08:30–18:00
Address: 774 Obuse, Kamitakai-gun, Nagano, 〒381-0201
Official website: www.kanseido.co.jp

5. Kurinoki Terrace (栗の木テラス) - High tea and cake shop

If you are looking for somewhere relaxing, Kurinoki Terrace is the one. It is right at the centre of Obuse, with a rather western look and feel that stands out from the rest. Here you can enjoy cakes and high tea in a very western setting as well. Since you’re at the town of chestnuts, Mont Blanc and the chestnut tea should be at the top of your list.

Mont Blanc and Tea at Kurinoki Terrace
Mont Blanc and Tea at Kurinoki Terrace

Kurinoki Terrace
Tel: 026-247-5848
Opening hours: 10:00–18:00 (Closed on Wednesdays)
Address: 784 Obuse, Kamitakai-gun, Nagano, 〒381-0201
website: https://www.kanseido.co.jp

6. Hokusai Museum (北斎館)

Katsushika Hokusai was the artist behind the world-renowned masterpiece - The Great Wave off Kanagawa, currently displayed at Sumida. Since he spent his later years here in Obuse, the Hokusai Museum also has an extensive collection of Hokusai's work, such as Dragon and Phoenix. You will be amazed by the complexity of Hokusai’s distinctive work and the constant variation of art style throughout his 90 years of life.

General Foundation Hokusai Museum
General Foundation Hokusai Museum

Hokusai Museum
Tel: 026-247-5206
Opening hours: 09:00–17:00 (Adults: ¥1,000 / Students: ¥700)
Address: 485 Obuse, Kamitakai-gun, Nagano, 〒381-0201
website: hokusai-kan.com

7. Kurinokomichi (栗の小径) - The Chestnut Alley

Kurinokomich is a picturesque alley paved with chestnut wood, surrounded by traditional Japanese architectures and chestnut trees. It is a great alley for photos after visiting the confectionery shops and museums nearby.

Kurinokomichi (The Chestnut Alley)
Kurinokomichi (The Chestnut Alley)

Address: 470 Obuse, Kamitakai-gun, Nagano, 〒381-0201

Bonus: Look out for this sign!

If you see this sign around Obuse, it means you are welcome to visit the garden for free and take as many pictures as you want! These gardens are gorgeous but please do keep in mind to keep the volume down and only walk around the designated areas, because you are visiting someone's backyard after all.

Obuse Open Garden Home
Obuse Open Garden Home

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