Huis Ten Bosch Theme Park

Enchanting nights of lights

 By Senén Germade   Nov 18, 2013

The sun has just set and the moon makes presence in the dark blue sky. Suddenly the magic happens: Millions of lights are turned on, and the theme park, which represents the Netherlands, becomes a village like in my dreams. I'm totally stunned by the beauty of the town right now and I don’t want to go back to the hotel. Not yet, I just want to enjoy the enchanting atmosphere of the park a bit longer—actually until late into the night. Follow me.

Photography by Senén Germade
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Wouter Thielen 4 years ago
Awesome! I am from the Netherlands myself, and recognize a few buildings here.
The bridge is I think the one near Brouwersgracht in Amsterdam.
The carriage + horses sculpture is depicting the royal carriage used on the 3rd Tuesday of September, to carry the Queen (I still have to see the new King do this one...) to Ridderzaal (Knights' Hall) where she'd have the Troonrede (Speech from the Throne) (OK, this all sounds so Game of Thrones-y...)
The building in the "Cruising the canal" photo looks like the Mauritshuis in the Hague, where you'll find Rembrandt and Vermeer paintings. But the Mauritshuis has less windows in a row.
The building in the "Gyaman museum" picture is the City Hall of Gouda (Google for "Gouda stadhuis").