Hotel Futaba

A comfortable hotel in Echigo Yuzawa

By Kim B    - 2 min read

If you're visiting the Echigo Yuzawa region of Niigata, perhaps for a ski or snowboarding trip or just to enjoy the area's year-round natural beauty, Hotel Futaba makes for a convenient place to stay. The hotel boasts a total of 78 rooms, some of which are traditionally Japanese (think tatami flooring and futons to sleep on), and others are Western style with regular beds.

The room we booked was Japanese style, and included a private onsen facility on our balcony which looked out over part of Echigo Yuzawa and the surrounding mountains. It was the perfect way to relax and unwind after a long day! If you choose a room without your own personal onsen facility, never fear - Hotel Futaba offers a range of different public bath options for guests to use, alongside private baths which can be reserved if you'd prefer.

The meals are not forgotten here at Hotel Futaba, either. Most room rates will include "half board", which means that dinner and breakfast are provided for you. The dishes served here are made with locally sourced ingredients, which adds to the fresh and delicious nature of what you'll get to enjoy. If you do have any specific dietary preferences or restrictions, let the hotel know ahead of time. I don't eat a great deal of raw seafood, so we made sure to specify that when we booked. They were very accommodating and were able to substitute meat for any dishes that would usually be raw.

The Echigo Yuzawa area has plenty to see and do, even within the train station itself. If you're a sake fan, be sure to stop in at the Ponshukan to sample some local brews on your way through.

Getting there

Hotel Futaba is located in Echigo Yuzawa, only 550 meters from Echigo Yuzawa Station, or around 7 minutes on foot. Taxis are available from the station if you're traveling with a significant amount of luggage.

If you're driving to the hotel, free parking is available on site.

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Kim B

Kim B @kim.b

Japan dwelling expat, living in and loving this beautiful country. Tokyo was my home for several years, but I'm now enjoying the countryside life in Niigata. Currently at 44 of 47 prefectures visited - with only Kagoshima, Miyazaki and Kumamoto left to check out!

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Sleiman Azizi 2 months ago
Echigo Yuzawa is splendid in winter. And a balcony onsen is heaven.
Kim B Author 2 months ago
It's the best way to battle the freezing temps!
Elena Lisina 2 months ago
Nice hotel! And those places have so interesting history, I'd like to come there! I still watch TV dorama Ten-Chi-Jin about those places. There are 47 episodes! O_O
Kim B Author 2 months ago
Niigata is like that too, snow from around December to March-April...sometimes November. But in the right conditions it's nice. The only real issue I have is that houses in Japan are cold and it can be hard to keep the house climate controlled!