Shijonawate shrine. (Photo: Guillaume Dore)
Shijonawate shrine. (Photo: Guillaume Dore)
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Good Fortune at Naniwa

Pilgrimage for good luck around Osaka

If you are in Osaka and you like shrines and temples, why not take the good fortune pilgrimage of Naniwa (Naniwa Shichi Kō Meguri - なにわ七幸めぐり), that will bring you to seven shrines and temples around Osaka.

Before you start your pilgrimage, I would advise to plan your journey. While it is possible to visit the seven locations in one day, you might prefer to do it in two days and enjoy a bit more what the neighborhood has to offer.

My objective for this pilgrimage was more for a sightseeing than a religious purpose, and I wanted to bring a memento from that adventure. Other than some thematic lucky charms, three other choices of keepsake are available. I would strongly suggest bringing a picture and the name of the object that you want to buy, to make it easier to purchase it. You can see the different choices on the official website. In all the cases, it will cost ¥1000 plus ¥300 for each of the seven temples. In my case, I got the poster, but the one I got at Osaka Tenman-gu is rigid and costed ¥3000.

  • Stamp book – なにわ七幸めぐり専用 集印帖 (1000 ¥)
  • Poster (2 models available) – なにわ七幸めぐり専用 色紙(1000 ¥)
  • Ema votive tablet with small plates for every temple – なにわ七幸めぐり専用 絵馬(1000 ¥)

In most of the temples, the seal is available in the small souvenir shop that sells lucky charms, with exception. Here is the course that I suggest, starting at Shijonawate as the poster are in display and easy to buy, but the course also take in consideration the ease to travel from one point to the other. Of course, you can do it in the order you want. Also take note that the opening hour for the shop is usually from 8 am to 4 pm.

  • Shijonawate shrine – 四條畷神社
  • Ōsaka Tenmangū shrine – 大阪天満宮
  • Taiyū-ji temple – 太融寺
    • You can end up your day in Umeda.
  • Dainenbutsu-ji temple – 大念仏寺
    • You need to take of your shoes, get up the stairs of the main hall and go on the left side to get the seal. It’s also a good occasion to see the inside of a temple.
  • Shitenno-ji temple – 四天王寺
    • The seal is available inside the seal office located on the left side of the main entrance.
  • Sumiyoshi-taisha shrine – 住吉大社
  • Imamiya Ebisu shrine – 今宮戎神社

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