Noriko's Private Space Hairdresser

An English friendly salon in Shinsaibashi, Osaka

By John Carter    - 3 min read

Moving to Japan or even visiting will eventually reveal how normal tasks you took for granted at home have now become difficult if you lack the language skills. One example is getting your hair cut. Of course it grows back but getting it done how you want it is pretty important for most people. After spending one month in Japan I found myself in this predicament and I was slightly worried whether I could properly explain the style I wanted with the Japanese I know. However, Osaka has an answer: Noriko’s Private Space!

Offering a service to foreigners who don’t feel comfortable speaking Japanese, Noriko is the stylist that will make sure your hair is cut just the way you want. Located about a 5-minute walk from Shinsaibashi station if you take exit No. 3, look for the al lleno salon as Noriko’s Private Space is inside.

I’m not sure why but the hairdressers is somewhere that usually makes me feel really uncomfortable, but this time was completely different. Despite my bad explanation she knew exactly how I wanted it styled and as soon as she started I was completely relaxed. The procedure was a little different from the UK as much more emphasis is placed on your comfort so I felt more at ease then I usually would. Offering a wide variety of styles ranging from regular cuts to colouring and perms you’ll be sure to get exactly what you asked for.

Noriko is extremely skilled and told me she had previously worked in a Salon in Toronto. The usual chitchat with the stylist in the UK can be a little boring sometimes but I really enjoyed our conversation. Before I knew it she was finished and I left more satisfied then I ever have after a visit to a salon.

First time customers get an incredible 30% discount off the price of their cut and the same reward is also offered to those who recommend a friend. Though this is something that you’ll highly appreciate don’t let it be the only incentive to visit. The level of quality Noriko provides as well as the friendly service is what really makes Noriko’s Private Space the salon to visit in Osaka. If it weren’t for me leaving the city I would definitely return time and time again.

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