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Ancient Lotus Pond in Gyoda City

Enjoy a great summer treat in a wonderful little park

I don't mind saying to as many people who will listen that the Japanese Lotus is the most beautiful flower in the world. Step by step, I am going out of my way (all over Japan) to visit as many lotus fields, gardens, ponds, lakes, and so on, to photograph this gem of a flower. Kodaihasu-no-sato (Ancient Lotus Village) is located in a beautiful park in Gyoda, Saitama. Lotus season runs from mid-July to mid-August, and other times of the year there are other beautiful flowers to enjoy, including great cherry blossoms in spring. I visited in mid-August, and half of the lotus (spread out amongst five different ponds) were already finished, but even they were beautiful. However, the pond in the deepest corner of the park still has a huge number of louts in full bloom. Exquisite! Check the links above for more information and access details.

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