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The first and only branch of the coffee giant in Sayama

By Lynda Hogan    - 2 min read

A new branch of Starbucks opened in Kasenjiki Central Park in Sayama City in the spring of 2021. There are a few things of note of this particular Starbucks. For one, it is the first and only branch of the coffee giant in the city of Sayama. Furthermore, it is the only branch in Saitama prefecture that is in a public park. Moreover, it has a playground which is also rare for Starbucks Japan. But the real piece de resistance of this branch is that it has an untainted view of the stunning mature cherry blossoms in the park, with a nice terrace from which to enjoy the view.

The Kasenjiki Central park is located along the northern banks of the Iruma River (Irumagawa) on either side of the Shodai Bridge. The park is locally famous for its cherry blossoms. The terrace, which is actually smaller than I had expected, gives an unspoiled view of a cluster of somei yoshino cherry blossoms to the North east of the premises. You can also see the cherry blossom wood, to the south, in the distance. Moreover, the terrace is right beside the playground. So if you are visiting with children, you can watch them easily from the terrace. The branch also has a drive through if you want to get a coffee on the go.

This park is also a renowned viewing spot for the Iruma Air Show, which is held annually on November 3rd.

Getting there

The Irumagawa Nico Nico Terrace branch of Starbucks is about a 20 minute walk from Sayamashi station (west exit best) on the Seibu Shinjuku line.

If you are coming by car, please note that the section of route 260, where the Starbucks is located, is notorious for traffic. Expect delays getting in and out of the car park. Free parking available.

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Bonson Lam 4 months ago
This is a great find. Really the best of all worlds. It is just soothing looking at it.
Lynda Hogan Author 4 months ago
I love the location along the river bank and of course with the cherry blossoms its picture perfect in spring. However, its just really unfortunate that the area north of the cafe and the access roads into it are really built up and congested. Probably why they picked the area - scenery plus stressed out residents in need of coffee! XD
Kim 4 months ago
I love that there's a playground!
Lynda Hogan Author 4 months ago
And it so rare for Starbucks. I hope more branches follow suit!