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Restaurant & Bar Salvage in Saitama

Seasonal Italian food with no additives or chemicals

Surrounded by mountains in the city of Chichibu in Saitama Prefecture, is an Italian restaurant called "Restaurant & Bar Salvage." This restaurant is completely self-sufficient, using ingredients that they grow in their own garden. The restaurant serves Italian food, completely free of additives and chemicals.

The owner, Tsubouchi, started farming organically based on his own experience and restrictions with allergies so that anyone can enjoy a meal using only vegetables.

All the vegetables used at the restaurant are picked straight from the garden on the same day, so that that you can enjoy the taste of fresh vegetables. Even the bagna cauda (dip made from garlic, anchovies and oil) tastes exquisite due to the freshness of the vegetables used.

The anchovies used in the dip are a product of Japan and the vegetables used were grown under the Chichibu City sun, helping to create this overflowing masterpiece that is one of the chef's specialties. This is a great place to savor the rich taste of seasonal vegetables.

From the meat sauce which uses homemade miso, to the minestrone soup using white kidney beans, you can tell that everything is carefully crafted from Japanese ingredients to make wonderful dishes.

The interior of the the restaurant is a fusion of Japanese and Western culture. Regardless of whether you want to be seated at a western-style table or on tatami mats, enjoy dinner by yourself or with your family, this Italian restaurant is welcoming to all types of customers.

Chichibu City has gathered attention in the recent years due to three shrines.  It is also well known for being a gathering ground for anime lovers, thus drawing in many tourists. 

As the owner of the restaurant, Tsubouchi, said, "Not only can you see, hear and experience the culture in Chichibu City, but you can also taste it." You can make the memories of your trip even better through the fresh vegetables grown in Chichibu City.

Their menu is always changing based upon the vegetables available and picked from the garden that day. Why not savor the taste of a dish that is unique to that moment, that day, and that season?

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Look like Indonesian or Thai food :’)
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Looks super good! Fresh veggies!

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