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Naniwa Tomoare

Naniwa Tomoare is a Yakitori restaurant located in Matsubara, and known for its duck ranch called Tsumura Honten. The Aigamo meat is tender and tasty, and was given a brand name of Kawachi Duck.

Nakano Beer Kobo

A cozy brewpub in Nakano area where you can enjoy local craft beers.

Kawazu Nanadaru Seven Waterfalls

Izu peninsula is well known for the amazing coastal views but the inland is just as good and the Kawazu nanadaru waterfall trail is perfect to prove it.

Gesshoji Temple

Gesshoji Temple is one of Matsue s best temples to visit. It s known for the giant tortoise statue on the grounds, as well as being a spot to enjoy the hydrangeas in rainy season. There s also a tea-house on site, making for the perfect spot to soak up the views with some matcha and traditional sweets.

Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station, the main train terminal and also a major bus terminal, transporting people to other cities in Japan, is more than just a station. Shops, restaurants, museums, and the Imperial Palace, are just a few places of the many in and around the station that are worth visiting.

Daiyuzan Saijoji Temple

Imagine an ancient forest, with huge trees covered in shiny green moss and only the sound of the raindrops falling on the wooden roofs of a 600 years old temple.

The Beautiful Landscape of Azumino

Close to Matsumoto in central Japan s Nagano prefecture, Azumino is an attractive area of countryside, with a peaceful atmosphere and a range of interesting sights


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