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The Clouds of Onuma Lakes

Onuma Quasi National Park is famous for its islands dotted lakes and for the majestic Komagatake volcano. Although not the best condition, a cloudy day could turn into a very pleasant visit.

Aoni Onsen

A remote ryokan in Aomori prefecture will bring you back into the past. No electricity and no wifi; and only old oil lamps to light up all the place.

Motonosumi Inari Shrine

Motonosumi Inari Shrine s 123 red torii gates adorn the Yamaguchi coastline in Nagato city. Find beautiful views of a winding, vermilion torii tunnel set to an ocean backdrop.


Nakanojo is a town located in the northwest of Gunma prefecture. It is known for the onsen nearby, and its biennial art festival.

Chatsubomi-goke Moss Park

While in Kusatsu, visit Chatsubomi Moss Park. Because of its green variations, waterfalls and mist, it is almost magical. 

Mount Haruna

Situated 20 minutes from Shibukawa, Haruna mountain is one of the famous mountains in Gunma.

Getting Lost in the Countryside

Getting lost is for me a big part of travelling. It is often how I discover great places to eat, an art gallery or just a nice neighborhood. This is how I found this nice countryside place.


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