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Spice Cafe Cuhponos

Craving Vietnamese Cuisine? Spice Cafe Cuhpanos in Beppu has you covered. They have a range of authentic dishes including pho and banh mi, all at reasonable prices.

Othello Coffee Roasters

If you're a coffee lover, Othello Coffee Roasters in Beppu is a must. Excellent coffee, home baked sweet treats, and a trendy yet welcoming atmosphere make up the heart of the cafe.

Yasuka Museum of Art in Matsumoto

In Matsumoto in central Japan's Nagano prefecture, the Yasuka Museum of Art is a small, intimate museum dedicated to the work of a local artist.

Gallery Arita

At Gallery Arita in Saga Prefecture, you can enjoy your coffee with a unique spin. The cafe is adorned with walls of beautiful Arita Pottery, and you're able to choose your favorite cup for your beverage to be served in.

Galaxy Glaze Showroom

Arita is a hub for pottery, and if you're after some unique pieces the Galaxy Glaze Showroom is a must visit. The pieces are the work of Tetsuaki Nakao, who spent 10 years perfecting his galaxy glaze. Each piece is designed to represent the beauty of the universe, with a unique sparkly finish.

Tozan Shrine

Arita, in Saga Prefecture, is home to one of Japan's most unique shrines. Tozan Shrine is decked out in pottery, including a pottery torii arch!

The 2018 Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony

If you're passionate about tea, or enjoy learning about Japanese culture, the Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony is a fantastic event to visit. Open to beginners or seasoned experts, the event guides you through the traditions of tea ceremonies step by step.

Tokyu Setagaya Tram Line

The Tokyu Setagaya Line is a short tram line serving a section of suburban Setagaya Ward in Tokyo. The line is a good way of exploring the local area.


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