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Incredibly Captivating Dogo Island

Peculiar shaped rocks and celebrated coastlines

Within Dogo Island, Okinoshima's largest island, there are lots to see that may not necessarily be the views recommended to tourists. Dogo is known for peculiar shaped rocks, most famously, Candle Island, which when viewed from a particular spot at sea at sunset, looks like a lighted candle. However, during our boat ride around Candle Island. I was more impressed by the rock that is shaped like a finger pointing to the sky. Dogo's coastline provides many grand lookout points such as Kuroshima Lookout. I would have loved to linger at Jodogaura Coast, named after Jodo, the Buddhist Pure Land branch meaning 'heaven.' At the Chichi-sugi, the more than 800 year old Japanese cedar, I was fascinated by the air pockets covered with moss and coin offerings. Even on a rainy morning, the old, weathered funagoya (traditional boat houses) at the Tsuma bay area deserve to be photographed.

Getting there

From the Oki Airport, all the attractions are in Dogo Island and can be accessed by car, taxi or bus.

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