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Kuretake Inn Hamamatsu Minamiguchi

Be near the station at this comfy, inexpensive hotel

Hamamatsu is a big business city, so there are plenty of business hotels, which means lots of good deals available for visitors. The Shizuoka-based Kuretake Inn chain has a number of hotels in the city, and for this one trip I decided to treat myself to their Premium location by the south exit of the station.

My single room was typically compact, big enough for a solo traveler with little luggage; the design was snazzy and modern, and I had the usual desk, TV and fridge, and a few hangers for my clothes. There's free Wi-Fi or wired internet if you bring your own cable, as I did. (They might have cables at reception; I didn't check.)

Snazzy design in my room
Snazzy design in my room

One of the reasons I chose this hotel was the public bathroom, particularly the sauna. This was very small – put more than four men in it, and they'll be getting to know each other very well – but satisfyingly hot and steamy, with relaxing classical music piped in to boot. (As my visit was during Covid, I emailed beforehand to check that the sauna was open, and received clear, helpful replies in English.)

Other selling points were the breakfast and evening 'welcome drink', both included in the room rate. The breakfast was a comprehensive buffet, offering a wide range of food, with some variation from one day to the next. Then from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm every day, guests can have one drink from a free bar, featuring beer, and a selection of Japanese and western spirits.

The 'welcome drink' bar!
The 'welcome drink' bar!

I really enjoyed my stay here! Despite the hotel being on the main road by the station, I could sleep well as my room wasn't facing the road; the breakfast set me up well for each day of sightseeing, and the drink and sauna helped me relax after I came back each evening.

Getting there

It's more or less immediately next to the rotary at the south exit of JR Hamamatsu station, though it's across the main road, and an awkward configuration of traffic signals may hold you up in actually getting there.

Rooms come in single, double and twin sizes, plus one barrier-free room. Rates will vary with the room type, season and day of the week, but you shouldn't be paying much more than JPY5000 a night, probably less if there are two of you.

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Elizabeth S 2 years ago
That's a good price for a hotel in a major center. It looks simple and elegant, too.
Peter Sidell Author 2 years ago
When you go to Shizuoka you should check them out! They have several hotels around the prefecture
Kim 2 years ago
Love the idea of a welcome drink bar!
Peter Sidell Author 2 years ago
I did make sure to be back at the hotel in time for my drink each evening!
Elena Lisina 2 years ago
Very nice place to stay! I love simple design.
Peter Sidell Author 2 years ago
I really like Kuretake Inn! It is a local group, with hotels in a number of towns and cities, just around Shizuoka prefecture.

Thank you for your support!

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