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Dog Heart Cafe from Aquamarine

Designed for dog lovers near Yoyogi Park

If you are a dog lover, but are unable to own one (or your dog is waiting for you back home and you miss him/her), a visit to the Dog Heart Cafe from Aquamarine is the solution for you. The shop opened in November of 2016 and has a staff of dogs (plus a human or two). There is an assortment of dog sizes and breeds.

On your visit, be sure to wear clothing that you do not mind getting covered with hair, although they do have lint rollers that you can use after your session is over. The cafe itself is very clean and all customers must thoroughly sanitize their hands before and after the experience. During my visit, the staff were always making sure the area was clean for its customers and the animals. It is important to note, if you are a person that is very sensitive to smell, this may not be the place for you. And, it is a small, narrow space, so if you show up and there are several people already there, you will not be able to get in right away.

On the day I visited, there were toy poodles of various colors, two beagles, and a very friendly golden retriever. All of the animals were very playful. Each dog had a different personality that became evident after playing with them for several minutes. Visitors have the option to sit and play with the animals within the petting area or to rent one of the dogs in order to take it on a walk. Calling for a reservation is not necessary. If you get thirsty while there, feel free to sit and have a drink in a small cafe area that is separate from where the animals are kept.

If you are considering buying your own pet, the cafe gives you the opportunity to test your pet-sitting skills and to see which type of dog is the right fit for you.

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