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Floresta Nature Doughnuts

Yummy guilt-free treats

On a sunny afternoon in Koenji, I stumbled across a cute bakery just around the corner: Floresta Nature Doughnuts. As the name suggests, the place is decorated with wooden floors, flowers and green plants. The nice smell of freshly-made donuts invited me to come even closer. And being the sweet-tooth that I am, I finally gave in to the temptation.

Floresta offers a wide selection of organic, or 'nature', donuts for the health-conscious, with prices ranging from ¥130 to ¥180. The donuts are made only from organic and domestically produced ingredients. They are neither overly sweet nor greasy, unlike other traditional donuts that I have encountered so far. Nevertheless, these donuts still taste so great and soon you'll want to order some more.

The geniuses behind the company are a husband and wife who aim to make healthy donuts for the whole family. What once started as a small business in Nara has now grown on a national scale. However, the company still remains true to its quality, simply by avoiding a large batch production. That’s why they only produce donuts in a small quantity every day. As a matter of fact, you can actually see the process of making the donut yourself through a giant window that separates the counter and the kitchenette/baking room.

Most people who frequent this store usually order donuts to take home. But if I may suggest, try eating in. This particular store in Koenji area has a couple of wooden tables overlooking the street at the corner, next to the counter. It’s a perfect spot for a nice afternoon tea or coffee. But you can also sit inside and enjoy the view from the windows.

Aside from donuts, Floresta also has a selection of cakes, cookies and various drinks (such as coffee, milk and juices). To top it, they also serve, guess what… nature ice creams! Yes, another sweet treats. The ice cream is generously served in a cup with a choice of healthy toppings. They melt perfectly in your mouth and tasty, too.

To visit, simply head over to JR Koenji Station on the Chuo Line.

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Kim 4 years ago
Olga 8 years ago
Donuts are the new pancakes in Japan! Everyone is obsessed with them now, including me :)
Irma Syahriar Author 8 years ago
Wow! Now I really want to come back and get as many donuts as possible :)
Jeradyne Cheong 8 years ago
The donuts look so good and the kitty donut is so adorable!
Irma Syahriar Author 8 years ago
Yes, they look and taste so good! :)
Geoff Day 9 years ago
I've clicked this article three times today and each time I get closer to leaving the office... time for a donut break!
Irma Syahriar Author 9 years ago
Hi, Geoff. I hope you did go and have that donut-break! Those donuts are reaaally good :)

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