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Ghostly Odaiba

A rainy day in Tokyo with an approaching typhoon

Before coming to Tokyo, I was told that Odaiba is the place that I must visit! I had it on my schedule, but when I came to Odaiba I was surprised that the place was deserted. I walked to the Ferris Wheel and to the waterfront, but did not run into anybody at all. I saw cars, but there were no people walking around. I went to the Ferris Wheel when it started to rain and I was absolutely alone taking a ride. Approaching the top, my cabin rocked and the wind roared, so it was a bit scary. I saw the shapes of buildings that looked like shadows or a ghostly city. From the Ferris Wheel, I had to run towards the station as the rain became heavier. I met no one again, and even in a cafe where I decided to have a lunch I was alone. The weather made for a really strange visit, but I enjoyed it anyway!

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