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Kita-Senju's Kisoba Kashiwaya

Home to the Holy Grail of tempura prawns

Sometimes your stomach gets the rumblies that only tempura can satisfy. It is times like that which we can all be grateful for Kisoba Kashiwaya, home to the king of tempura prawns, and just less than 5 minutes' walk from JR Kita-Senju Station.

Kashiwaya is a traditional-style Japanese restaurant, specializing in tempura (a special type of deep-frying batter), soba (buckwheat noodles), and tonkatsu​ (deep-fried pork cutlet). Founded in 1904, a visit to the restaurant reveals why it is no surprise customers have kept coming back for over a century.

For the discerning traveler with a hankering for traditional Japanese food - be it soba, tempura, or tonkatsu - Kashiwaya doesn't disappoint. The menu, embellished with beers and seasonal variety, often skillfully incorporates more unique flavor combinations - with the inclusion of melon, oyster, or other flavors on occasion. However the most impressive delight is their tempura prawn, of which must be Japan's largest (and arguably most delicious).

Serving some of the best traditional Japanese food you're likely to come across, Kashiwaya delivers a feeling of genuine authenticity. With generous serves, and a mouth-watering seasonal menu, you'll feel like you're being dished up by your own Japanese grandmother - a comforting contrast to the many popular chain restaurants dotted around the country. With meals served on traditional earthenware and lacquerwares, you may even find your mind drifting off to thoughts of Japan in earlier times, reminiscent of when the restaurant first opened its doors. Here, the heartiness of home spreads to the atmosphere of this small restaurant, and it is easy to feel comfortable here even when dining alone.

Though it is not just the dishes' authenticity that delivers - they also satisfy on a price point as well. At Kisoba Kashiwaya, it's not hard to find yourself satiated for under ¥1,000, with set menus generally ranging between the ¥1,000 and ¥2,000 mark.

So, if you're looking to get a great authentic Japanese food at an even greater price, then be sure to hit up Kisoba Kashiwaya. To get there, take the subway or train to JR Kita-Senju Station. Kisoba Kashiwaya is an easy 5 minutes walk away, on the street Honmachidori (look for the sign that says 本町道). If you're looking for other things to do in Kita-Senju, be sure to check out Honmachidori​'s shutter art, or the Necodan Cat-themed Gift Store.

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Jeradyne Cheong 9 years ago
The pictures of the tempura prawns are making me salivate! Looks so good =D
Saskia Gilmour Author 8 years ago
Such a torture to a hungry stomach, haha
Bonson Lam 9 years ago
I am struggling to contain my stomach rumbles looking at the Tempura Prawn dishes. It is like they are popping out and asking me to eat them!
Saskia Gilmour Author 9 years ago
I'm hearing ya there! I'd go back to Japan if just for those prawns!

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