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JR Kita Senju Station

Crossroads of Northern Tokyo

JR Kita Senju Station is a short 20 minute ride from Tokyo Station. It is the transit point for the Joban Line, Chiyoda Line, Hibiya Line, the Tsukuba Express and the Tobu Skytree Line.

From here you can head to the famous Ueno Zoo or you can choose to go to Kameari to meet Kankichi Ryotsu. You can also take the Skytree line to see Tokyo Skytree and the Solamachi Mall.

As an interchange for the northern suburbs of Tokyo, it is also one of the few stations that connect the lines of four different train companies, the Tokyo Metro, Japan Railways (JR), Tsukuba Express and Tobu Railways. With the number of train companies in this station, it should be pretty confusing, right? No, the stations are all separated by a different gantry or ticket gate. JR is located on the second floor together with Tobu and Tsukuba Express whereas Tokyo Metro is located on the ground floor and the basement. If you are using the JR section of Kita Senju Station, there will be arrows on the floor guiding you to the Chiyoda Line, Joban Local Line and the Joban Line so you will not get lost.

As you walk through the station, you will find rows of brochures catering for numerous destinations around Japan. What I like is that they have maps and brochures of the Kita Senju Area so that you can venture and explore the place on your own. You can also explore the places around Kita Senju that were made famous by the Japanese Television Series Kinpachi Sensei.

In addition, if you think Kita Senju is just a rural area around Tokyo, you would be pleasantly surprised. Kita Senju is actually the commercial center for its surrounding area and on exiting the station, the first thing you will find is Lumine, the ever popular shopping complex in Japan. Just across Kita Senju Station, you can find OIOI, another big major shopping complex of Japan.

So if your travel itinerary for the day includes Kameari, Ueno Zoo and Tokyo Skytree. You will definitely find yourself in Kita Senju, interchange of the northern suburbs.

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