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Komazawa Olympic Park in Four Seasons

Natural beauty and festivals in every season

In 1964, Komazawa Olympic Park was used as a second venue of the Tokyo Olympics. At that time the "Oriental Witches" as the Japanese women's volleyball team was called, won the Gold Medal at the Indoor Ball Sports Field.

These days, you can enjoy nature in every season at Komazawa Park. As it is adjacent to Komazawa University, many students as well as the public come here to have parties alongside under the cherry blossoms in spring. In early summer, come for the fresh green leaves which are particularly beautiful. You can go jogging, walking or cycling surrounded by greenery. Actually there are various kinds of trees in the park. Take a look at the Ginkgo trees which line the Komazawa streets. Inside the park there is an avenue of Zelkova trees. There are leaves that turn yellow or red during autumn. Plum trees blossom in the end of winter. In every season, you can experience the beauty of nature in the park.

In winter, you can do indoor sports. Why not try the training room for exercise in the park? You can use many kinds of exercise machines for training, or join the exercise classes in the studio (for example, aerobics or yoga). The fee is 450 yen per 2 hours for Tokyo citizens.

There are also various festivals here. In early summer there is the Nikufes Meat Festival. Oktoberfest is run from end of May to June, while the Tokyo Ramen Show is here in autumn. Various people gather on the center plaza when such events are on.​

"Komazawa Park Street" is also known as "Dog's Street".​ ​A lot of people with dogs are in the park. They can play with their dogs at the "Dog Run" facility. There is no charge to use the facility. However, registration to use the facility is required in advance.

There are three parks for children. They are called “Horse Park”, “Pig Park” and “Squirrel Park”. Each park features colorful and retro playground equipment that revolve around its namesake animals. Countless pets and children play in the park.

There are also other facilities, such as: Athletic Field, Sports Ground, Ball Sports Grounds, Tennis Courts, Baseball Fields, Gymnasium, Japanese Archery Range, and the Tokyo Olympic Memorial Gallery.​

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