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A Lot of Fun at Niko Niko Park

An adventurous place with ample play equipment

On a clear sunny day there is nothing as nice as sitting outside with a coffee or bento while not having to mind the kids too much. That is what we did a mid-December afternoon trying to soak up some Vitamin D before (the really) chilly winter days would kick in. Located in Meiji-jingu Gaien, we dropped in at Niko Niko Park - an unpretentious but fun and relaxed park that is catered to keeping your child happily occupied.

There is minimum staff present and tickets can be bought at one of the ticket vending machines at the gate. When entering the playground, one notices the spaciousness of the Park, while still being able to keep an overview of all the action around. The set-up and distribution of the play equipment over the space is organized in a considerate manner – one doesn’t feel the installations are cramped together, which often occurs at many play spaces/facilities and leaves you feeling rather claustrophobic. The cleanliness also invites you to just sit or even lie down (me that is..) somewhere on the floor – just because the atmosphere makes you feel relaxed and cozy.

As soon as you enter, the kids are ready and set to go! In the middle there is this huge green tile space where a fleet of colorful Rhody horses is waiting to be mounted. This is the exact moment you are left to peace, as the kids will certainly scatter themselves throughout the playground from this point on.

Located on the right side of the Park are a few climbing towers, the trampoline, sandpit, and the seesaw and glider equipment. On the left of the Park you have the seating area: your kids are most likely in view or nearby and thus your coffee need not to be slammed down to go run after the kids (which is a usual thing for me). Here also, one finds the man-made mountain for the more adventurous kids who can slide, climb and crawl their heart out. A small food stand offers the basic snacks and drinks, while there are ample drink vending machines on the playground.

Overall, Niko Niko Park is an uncomplicated and spaciously set-up park offering a lot of fun for kids with its diverse and ample selection of play equipment. For me, it was an enjoyable break - and i even got a tan!

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Kim 4 years ago
Looks fantastic! It'd be hard to drag my two kiddos away from this place.
Sleiman Azizi 4 years ago
This park is a favourite for our family. It is just absolutely perfect for the kids with so much to do. Honestly, I can't recommend this place enough.
Jeradyne Cheong 9 years ago
Haha, these pictures are really cute!

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