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Marugoto Nippon

Experience all of the charms of Japan in Asakusa

Marugoto Nippon is a new shopping complex that opened only a year and a half ago in Asakusa. It has a very modern Japanese style and does an excellent job presenting the charms that areas of Japan have to offer.

This department store is made up of four floors, each specializing in different types of products. On the first floor, you can find a variety of delectable foods from many different areas of Japan. There are 23 tenants offering items that are shipped directly from producers. Samples are also available for tasting on this floor.

The second floor centers around the lifestyle of Japan. Everything on this floor was also made in different locations from around Japan. Handmade accessories using traditional techniques, leather goods, naturally made beauty products, wood furniture, kitchen utensils, and an assortment of other handcrafted items can all be found here. There is also a photo studio on this floor where you can dress up as traditional geisha and/or samurai and get your picture taken as a keepsake.

On the third floor you can get a taste of the 'Nippon Experience.' There is an event space that was created to center around the idea of a traveler’s salon. There are several stands, each with signs indicating where the goods on the stand were produced, information about the individual products, and a brief overview of the location they came from. This salon is a good attraction for anyone wanting to learn more about items made in Japan. Several of the stands have pamphlets in English located on their back side. There is also a cafe here with a choice of indoor seating or an outdoor balcony. They serve seasonal dishes made with local Japanese ingredients. Cooking classes can also be enjoyed on this floor.

The very top floor of the complex is a dining area with a variety of Japanese restaurants all specializing in local dishes from around the country.

Marugoto Nippon gives you the opportunity to see, learn, taste, and take home all of the charms of Japan!


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Elena Lisina 6 years ago
Always missed it, but should visit next time!