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Odaiba Lantern Festival 2024

A time to celebrate the sea

Venue: Odaiba Marine Park When: Mid Jul 2024

Marine Day or umi no hi (literally ‘day of the sea’), is celebrated every third Monday of July. While there aren’t any traditional ceremonies (being a newer national holiday), many people choose to visit the beach on this day. Parks and aquariums also hold events and festivals to celebrate the importance of the ocean.

Odaiba’s Marine Park located right behind DECKS Tokyo Beach and Aqua City (near Daiba Station or Odaiba-Kaihin-Koen Station on the Yurikamome Line), holds an annual Lantern Festival, where thousands of colored lanterns are lit along the beach, thoughtfully placed to reveal an image when seen from a vantage point.

Although the highlight of the festival are the lanterns lit by volunteers, there are many activities and things to do while waiting for the sun to set. Local musicians and singers perform by the beachside café, where you can sit and enjoy the scenery: cruising ferries, the Rainbow Bridge and skyscrapers surrounding the bridge. If you’re a fan of seafood or feeling adventurous, you may also choose to try the oysters that are freshly grilled by vendors on the street.

Whether you are there to enjoy the music, witness the hundreds of lanterns flickering in the night, or even just for an evening stroll, the Lantern Festival at Odaiba is definitely an event you don't want to miss.

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Umi no Hi (Ocean Day) at Odaiba 7

Umi no Hi (Ocean Day) at Odaiba

Odaiba is set in a wonderful light using paper lanterns, which are lit up by citizen volunteers every year on the third Monday in..


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Oscor 8 months ago
this information is wrong. This festival was held on July 16 and 17 in Odaiba.
Kim 8 months ago
Thanks for notifying us, we updated it! Unfortunately our site was set that it was a recurring date from previous years which is why it was incorrect, but we've amended that.
Elena Lisina 4 years ago
I found that Marine Day will be on July 23, 2020. So, if Odaiba Lantern Festival is on Marine Day, it musy be also on July 23. https://publicholidays.jp/marine-day/
From wikepedia: In 2020, the holiday _Marine day) will be observed on Thursday, July 23, the day prior to the opening of the Tokyo Olympics.
Chris 5 years ago
Guess I'll have to wait till 2019.

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