Lace up and go (Photo: Japan Travel)
Lace up and go (Photo: Japan Travel)
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Perfect Fit: Selecting the Ideal Running Shoe

Finding the best shoes for your running needs

Running is one of the best ways for travelers to keep fit while on the go. You don’t need any special equipment and it’s something you can do almost anywhere and at practically any time of the day (think jet lag which leaves you wide awake at odd hours). That said, a solid pair of running shoes will be your most important investment and it’s worth taking time to examine the options vis-à-vis your running needs.

What type of running do you intend to do? The challenges of road running are vastly different from that of trail running so you will require different support from your shoes. Road running shoes cushion your feet for repetitive impact on hard, slightly uneven surfaces, while trail running shoes are distinguished by robust traction to stabilize your feet in routes with rocks, mud and tree roots.

Lace up and go
Lace up and go (Photo: Japan Travel)

Running shoes may feel snug standing on in a shoe store but feet tend to lengthen and widen as they land on the ground. The wrong size may leave your toe nails purple. For maximum comfort, wear a half-size longer and check that you select the best width for your feet.

Sneaker selection at Runbase Tokyo
Sneaker selection at Runbase Tokyo (Photo: Japan Travel)

Beyond feet length and width, running analytics equipment can collect data on your running pronation (natural way the foot rolls) and angle and whether you require extra support to prevent injury. You can get free analytics with Adidas’ “Run Genie” which is available at Runbase and most of their stores.

Shoes vary according to your running level and motivation. High level runners prefer lightweight sneakers with thin cushioning as they tend to strike the ground with their forefeet first. Novice and recreational runners tend to strike the ground heel first and thicker cushioning absorbs the shock and provides greater energy return which translates to a comfortable feeling while running.

Check out these adidas powered options to fuel your run, recommended according to your running motivation:


For runners who run to take a break and feel refreshed while discovering the city, adidas recommends their PureBOOST series, engineered for a light and airy sock-like fit, responsive midsole, flexible outsole, expanded landing zone for improved adaptability in the streets and energized cushioning to deliver an overall smooth ride.

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For runners seeking to improve their performance at their next race and who enjoy the thrill of speed, adidas recommends their adizero series distinguished by their ultra lightweight, responsive cushioning, breathable mesh, and tighter fit. Available to match your marathon time objective (sub 5, 4, 3..).


For runners who wish to challenge themselves for their first race or marathon, or simply want a go-to pair for runs, adidas recommends their SolarBOOST series, designed with thick cushioning that provides greater energy return but also a flexible insole to deliver utmost comfort while running.


For those who run to train for a different sport, adidas recommends the versatility of the AlphaBounce series. The flexible cushioning, wide stable platform in the forefoot and heel, and sock-like mesh upper provide an adaptive fit and support multidirectional movements.

Besides, for those long weekend runs, adidas recommends their premium UltraBOOST series which combines optimum comfort with high-performance via a responsive midsole and flexible outsole for that best-ever-run feeling.

All shoes (except for the AlphaBounce series) are available for test runs and to buy at Runbase Tokyo. When you find the perfect running shoes, you will enjoy a strong, lasting relationship with something that is literally willing to go to the distance.

Running shoes can be bought online or at different adidas stores in Tokyo – just find your nearest store using their website.

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Kim 5 years ago
This is a really helpful guide - I need to get some new running shoes in the next month or two here, so I appreciate the recommendations!
Sherilyn Siy Author 5 years ago
I'm not a fast runner and really appreciate the energy return of their SolarBOOST series. It really makes a difference in running comfort.
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