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Peter Rabbit Cafe

A cafe the author would be proud of

Arriving at this cafe, the first thing you'll notice is the entrance itself is pretty mind-blowing – considering how much effort must have been put into the design. It is pretty crazy too, but the appearance would surely make the author of the character proud. It is one of those places that is so unique, and everything is exceptionably well executed into making this a heaven for Peter Rabbit fans.

I have never been in a cafe like this, one with such dedication to a particular theme – but theme cafes are big business in Japan now. I couldn't help but look around and cast memories back to my childhood reading Peter Rabbit books, but it was nice to do so. I wondered what the food would be like, and in the back of my mind thought it could no way match the style of the cafe. I presumed that perhaps this was the main draw-in.

When I sat down and browsed through the menu I was surprised at how nice the food looked. It seemed that the interior wasn't the only thing that was intricately crafted and so well cared for, but the food also looked wonderfully presented. Before I took my order one of the girls working there came over and plumped a big Peter Rabbit down on the seat in front of me, which is obviously part of the fun. I couldn't really take myself seriously at eating in front of this, as a 25 year old male, but I'm in Japan so I made an exception! It was pretty funny too and I couldn't help but giggle to myself looking across the table at my companion.

I ordered a beef curry stew, and when it arrived promptly, I was impressed with the appearance but then even more so by the taste. It was actually the nicest thing I have eaten in a long time and was the quality of a very good restaurant as opposed to a cafe. The only downside was that it was quite expensive, just under ¥1,600, and my bill came to ¥1,700 so I am guessing there was a service charge.

However, as the food was so nice and the design pretty extraordinary, I didn't mind paying extra as it was a unique experience to eat in such a unique setting. I am sure this is a very popular place for girls though, as opposed to males, but I still enjoyed it.

Getting there

You can find the Peter Rabbit cafe in Machida on the JR Yokohama Line. It is in the 9th floor of the Modi building which is around a 5 minute walk from the station. Another branch also exists in Jiyūgaoka.


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Sandra Isaka 8 years ago
There is a second location in Jiyugaoka. It has a really nice patio that is open to breezes in nice weather and closed with plastic sheets otherwise.
Laura Welch 8 years ago
It does look good, but I'm not sure I'd call it authentic. It seems fairly standard for a theme cafe in Japan - good decorations, pretty but expensive food, popular with women. Customers on their own are often given a cuddly friend to keep them company, too.
Daniel Vesey Author 8 years ago
Hi Laura thanks for the reply. Yes I have been to a maid cafe and the review of that will hopefully be up soon. I have also heard of the owl cafes and if I get time I will go to one. I know what you mean though, most are frequented by women. Would be cool if there was a studio ghibli cafe, I know there is a museum somewhere..