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Rokurinsha Ramen

Tsukemen-style ramen near Marunouchi

Have you ever heard of a store that had to close down because they were too popular? The name of such a store is Rokurinsha Ramen. They actually had to close down their original 2005 Osaki store because it became too popular, to the detriment of local residents in its residential neighborhood. Because of complaints from the locals, they were forced to close up but could fortunately relocate to a more central location (and have since expanded across Tokyo, including back to their original Osaki premises!).

They serve ramen in the Tsukemen style (dipping noodles). The ramen noodles and broth arrive in separate bowls. The broth is really rich, thick and full of flavour. This style of ramen is unusual outside of Japan. Usually when you mention the word 'ramen', you will get a picture of a bowl of noodles filled with broth either in Miso, Tonkotsu (pork bone), Shio (salt), or Shoyu (soy sauce) base.

The noodles they serve are thick, chewy and springy, and go really well with the thick broth. When you dip the noodles into the broth, all the goodness of the broth just sticks to the noodles. The way to eat this ramen is to take a few strands of the noodles, dip it and then eat. This way you do not get overpowered by the extremely thick broth. Of course there are other ways to eat it and it all comes down to your individual preference.

One of the new locations is at Tokyo Station, inside First Avenue Tokyo. You have to go to the Yaesu part of the station and you will find the Ramen Street, and Rokurinsha Ramen, waiting for you. To order ramen, there will be a vending machine where you purchase a ramen ticket that can be exchanged over the counter.

Two pieces of advice: do come earlier for dinner because the line can get really long, and if you are not sure what to do or how to order, just say 'Sumimasen, osusume wa?' to ask for their recommended choice.


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