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Samurai Studio

Be a samurai at this Asakusa-based studio

Why not become a samurai on your next visit to Japan? A few blocks from Asakusa's Kaminarimon Gate, visitors can do just that at the truly exclusive Samurai Studio.

Open for a limited time, visitors can try from a range of full-spec authentic handmade samurai armour, made by regional craftsmen around Japan. The incredible attention-to-detail that goes into making each suit makes it a difficult decision to choose, but visitors can't go wrong with any of the Oyoroi, Sanada, Date-musha and Kuro-musha armour types.

For diehard samurai enthusiasts to those looking to learn more about this culture, Samurai Studio will take care of you as their professionals dress you carefully in your choice of samurai armour, explaining a little about its purpose and background. What follows is a professional photo shoot which will give you something much more memorable than the standard souvenir you can pick up at the station.

Choose from a wide range of stock poses – or choose your own! Many include the use of different accessories/swords, with some unique to the choice of armour (e.g. the bow and arrow was more commonplace in the Heian-era, when Oyoroi armour was often used). Samurai Studio's experts will guide you through each pose, making sure you get the right one before trying numerous variations of that pose.

As well as a choice of personal prints made at the end of the session, you'll also be sent all the original photo data via email allowing you to upload to Instagram/Facebook. For a bit extra, you can also choose to get a number of more elaborate and impressive souvenir options, including wall prints and artbooks. If you're here as part of a group, these can make a great gift option.

A number of different plans exist, starting from just ¥18,000, allowing you to get the most out of your samurai experience. For more information and to book online, visit the Samurai Studio website.

Whilst their Asakusa-based studio sessions ended Nov 2016, they can be contacted and booked privately through dispatch (e.g. to your hotel) as well as possible new locations in future.

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