The heart of the rickshaw man (Photo: Jidaiya)
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Jidaiya Japanese Culture Experts

The heart of the rickshaw man opens up Asakusa to you

Jidaiya's stated mission is to offer Japanese culture in visible forms to everyone. To meet this objective, they present you with various opportunities to experience this country and its way of life. From rickshaw tours of Asakusa to photo sessions in traditional clothing to hands-on arts and crafts, there is something special for everyone.

Visit the Jidaiya shop just down the main boulevard leading to Kaminarimon, the main gate leading to Asakusa's famous Sensoji Temple. Browsing the shop is a good way to spend time, as you can get a sense of the history of both Tokyo and the rickshaw from the goods and photos on display. You will also be able to peruse the many options for enriching your understanding of Japan. Don't forget to bring your camera, as the shop itself is worthy of a few photos.

If a rickshaw ride through Asakusa suits you, there are various courses and tours available. As the longest-serving rickshaw company in Tokyo's historic Asakusa area, Jidaiya has built up many years worth of street-level expertise in their trade. Who better to teach you the ins and outs of daily life in "real" Tokyo than the men and women who regularly pass through the city's every street and alleyway? First-timers to the area can use this as a good way to orient themselves, as they can get a good overview without getting lost. Repeat visitors can use a rickshaw tour to gain an insider's perspective on this part of Tokyo that most people merely skim the surface of.

In addition to the rickshaw, Jidaiya offers many culture-learning opportunities. Play dress-up with a yukata, hakama (Japanese pleated skirt), Meiji police uniform, and more. Participate in a lantern calligraphy workshop, and take home your own personalized creation. Try Japanese taiko drumming, fan-throwing, and much more. Jidaiya is always organizing different ways for you to get the most out of your trip to this country.

Jidaiya staff, in addition to helping others understand and enjoy Japan, can also organize entertainment for your special event. Feel free to inquire about traditional music, dance, and other performances that can travel to any location.

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