The 3rd Burger

Chain offering a fresh and unique spin on burgers

By Logan Williamson    - 4 min read

Located inside Ark Hills in Tokyo, The 3rd Burger offers a burger in a way that only Japan can – they’re refined, fresh, and stylish. The patties are made daily, the toppings are organic, and the buns are addictive and preservative free. This shop is an absolute must for anyone who gets a craving for the always comforting and delicious burger, but still wants a high level of quality and freshness too.

We left our apartment looking for food and about thirty indecisive minutes of wandering around later, we stumbled upon Ark Hills. We honestly only started to explore this vast and upscale mega-establishment because we had no idea what it was. We thought maybe it was a few offices or access to a subway system, but the more we walked around, the more we realized Ark Hills is essentially a city within a city.

As someone who loves architecture and design, traveling around this seemingly never ending maze of sleek restaurants and businesses was like a dream come true. While I definitely can not recommend exploring Ark Hills enough, if you just are interested in getting a burger, head down to B1F. The whole area on B1F is called the Ark Kitchen and boasts multiple chic restaurants and even a modern grocery.

The 3rd Burger is directly inside, so it is not hard to miss. You place your order at the counter in one line and are given a buzzer. When yours goes off, you go to collect your meal. There is a large area for The 3rd Burger customers directly beside the kitchen that offers lots of seating. The space is clean, open, and minimalistic. While there were those who ate quickly and left, there were people who did work while they ate or talked with friends, so don’t be afraid to enjoy a leisurely meal if you want.

The menu is simple and offers several different kinds of burgers. Toppings such as avocado and wasabi stand out as some of the unique and must-try items offered at The 3rd Burger. As mentioned above, the buns are preservative and additive free and the toppings are organic, with their tomato and tartar sauce being made in-house. Most importantly, the burgers are made fresh daily and are never frozen. It’s enough to make any burger-lover smile! I was a bit too scared to try anything too far out of my comfort zone, so I stuck with a classic cheeseburger and was absolutely thrilled with the price! At around ¥550, this burger seemed even more like a dream come true than it already did. I was expecting to pay much more for such fresh and organic food, which makes 3rd Burger even more appealing to not only my stomach, but to my wallet as well. The prices range from about ¥400 to ¥700 for simply the burger, but there also is a “set” menu available as well. For an additional ¥600 you can add a smoothie and fries, which is a steal considering one of their smoothies is about ¥500.

When my food was ready, I was worried it would not be enough. The portions are noticeably smaller here than one is used to if you are from Europe or the States. While it was smaller than we would have liked, it was incredibly delicious. My brother got one of the green smoothies made of apple, banana, and mustard spinach alongside his burger and it looked equally as good. Overall 3rd Burger was a wonderful find and a really great dining experience. I recommend it to anyone looking for a great burger!

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