The Terminal Harajuku

Finish your work and hold your meeting, Harajuku style

By Vicky Amin    - 3 min read

Are you on a business trip in Tokyo and have spare time before your flight back home? Or, are you in need of a space to focus on your work? Then go to Harajuku. I mean it, Harajuku—not for having fun, but for The Terminal.

In the far back of Takeshita-dori, just by the intersection with Harajuku Street, a series of stairs on the curbside will lead you to a chamber full of comfortable seats and sophisticated computer sets—a scene that stands out from Harajuku’s renowned technicolor fashion attire. This is The Terminal, a private-like working area that is open for public.

Initially built to accommodate the needs for a convenient working space, The Terminal welcomes everybody to make the most of its work-support facilities—including a number of iMac computers equipped with various applications. A bar-like counter with high chairs transverses the end of the iMacs, offering spots for people with their own computers. And as the extension of the main working space, it also provides a meeting and presenting room complete with a printing and copying station.

What’s nice about The Terminal, besides the usefulness for independent working time, is its high level of comfort. A contemporary-minimalist office design, accentuated by typical office lamps hanging on top of the long wooden table. Soft couches and cushioned stools, which are common in today’s modern offices, add to the atmosphere. The room also serves as a small library full of books and magazines, creating an escape for people when they feel like they need a break.

As if all those favors are not enough to hold people back from going home, a mini bar stands across the slack-off station—becoming everybody’s most favorite corner. Yes, visitors of The Terminal are provided with complementary drinks with a selection of sodas, coffees, and teas. Beers and snacks are also available to order, for an additional fee.

From its main space on the 3rd floor, people can go upstairs to the rooftop for its open air lounge, which also serves as a smoking area. A much bigger space with an laid-back ambiance, this meeting space is available for hire at an additional charge per hour, and it can hold more people than the indoor one.

The Terminal comes up with varieties of plans, starting with ¥320 for 30 minutes. The “Long-time Work Plan” (1 day course) and “Long-term Use Plan” (monthly membership) are the office’s recommended plans. So, what are you going to do at The Terminal?

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