Tokyo’s Haneda Airport

Opening up to the world in style

By Steve Morton    - 2 min read

Like so many other people, airports are generally the kind of place I only ever visit when travelling on to somewhere else. However, for various reasons, I have discovered that Tokyo International Airport (Haneda), is fast becoming a major attraction for both tourists and day visitors.

Ever since opening up to international, long-haul flights in 2014, Haneda has expanded considerably with the completion of its new international terminal. In addition to this, its two domestic terminals have also undergone extensive upgrades and renovation.

The impressive results of this transformation become immediately obvious to any visitor as you witness an airport that is jam-packed with a wide range of shops, restaurants and amusements; carefully aimed at satisfying every possible age group.

For anyone visiting the international terminal, make sure you check-out “Tokyo Pop Town” located on the 5th floor, which boasts a unique Planetarium cafe along with a giant sized scale-electric track. In addition to this, there are countless flight simulators and souvenir shops, ideal for keeping restless kids and adults occupied.

Within the same terminal is the impressive ‘Edo-Komachi’; a detailed reconstruction of an Edo-Era Street. This colorful area contains many wooden structures, including a replica of ‘Nishibashi Bridge’ which you can walk along. This area also contains many shops and restaurants decorated in traditionally styled woodblock prints.

With such a wide range of facilities on offer, Haneda is definitely one of the few airports in the world that I would recommend visiting, even if you’re not planning on flying anywhere!

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