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Capturing the contrasts of Tokyo's beautiful landscapes

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From the quaint streets of Asakusa to Shiodome's modern skyscrapers, Tokyo's architecture is very diverse, and also a nice reflection of the Japanese capital's evolution through the ages. With its architectural variety and interesting contrasts, Tokyo is a perfect playground for both professional and amateur photographers. 

These are exactly the aspects of the city that Eyexploretokyo wishes to show off to everyone. Whether you are a passionate photographer or only a curious tourist, the Tradition & Modernity Photo Tour will allow you to discover Tokyo from a completely different angle while improving your skills as a photographer by taking pictures of the capital's landscapes and architecture. The guide will also provide some helpful explanations of Japanese history while you are walking the streets of Shiodome and around Tokyo Station.  

First off, the Tradition & Modernity Photo Tour brings you to the Hamarikyu Garden to discover the architectural remnants of old Tokyo. This beautiful garden from the Edo period, located in the Shiodome area, is a real haven inside this modern business district. After some technical explanations about the "AV mode" of the camera, the guide explains how to make your pictures more dynamic. Everything is a question of perspective, symmetry, background, and view...basic principles of photography that we sometimes forget to apply during the hustle and bustle of real life.

Afterwards, you will discover the Shiodome district, a real urban jungle where you will optimize the lines, curves, and diagonals that form the surrounding scenery. Thanks to this complex urban landscape, you will master the different uses of the "AV mode" and "TV mode" of your camera in order to allow you to shoot interesting pictures of the crowd in train stations or on the streets; using a soft focus will create abstract and enigmatic pictures you never even dreamed of pulling off yourself.

The tour ends with a visit to the Tokyo International Forum and a stop at the flat roof of a building near Tokyo Station. There, you can observe the never-ending traffic of trains from above. 

The Tradition & Modernity Photo Tour is a good way to discover some districts perhaps less visited by tourists, but still interesting; you will be able to explore a different face of Tokyo not seen at the major tourists sites. It's a truly enriching experience offered by Eyexploretokyo, who provides also other tours such as the Tokyo by Night Photo Tour in Shibuya and Shinjuku, and the Tokyo Streets and People Photo Tour in Harajuku. 

You can find all the information about this tour on the JapanTravel Tours website.

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