The exterior of the store is fascinating from an architectural standpoint (Photo: Kim B)
The exterior of the store is fascinating from an architectural standpoint (Photo: Kim B)
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Tsutaya Daikanyama

Much more than your average bookstore

If you appreciate leafing through a good book or if you just enjoy great architecture, the Tsutaya store in Tokyo's trendy Daikanyama suburb is worth a look. The bookstore was opened in 2011 and was designed with the concept of "a library in the woods" in mind. The Tsutaya chain has over 1400 bookstores located all over Japan but this store location has to be one of the most interesting.

It's not just books on offer here at Tsutaya's Daikanyama location. There are an impressive range of magazines available to enjoy including plenty of imported titles. I spotted several of my international favorites on the shelves, so there's something available for everyone, even if you don't read Japanese. There's also a huge stationery section if you enjoy putting pen to paper yourself. Even audio visual products are covered with areas of the store devoted to movies and music. You're able to pop on headphones and listen to many of the offerings too. In short, this is a bookstore worth devoting some time to exploring!

If you are an international visitor to Japan bring your passport along with you if you're planning to make a purchase. Tsutaya Daikanyama will waive the usual 8% sales tax on purchases over 5,401 yen for non-residents, which can equate to some helpful savings.

In the area surrounding the bookstore there are a host of restaurants, specialty stores, and even a children's play center, which is part of the Bornelund chain.

Getting there

The Tsutaya Daikanyama store is located approximately five minutes on foot from Daikanyama Station, on the Tokyu Toyoko Line. It's also in walking distance from Shibuya Station, taking around fifteen minutes. Walking from Shibuya offers some fun opportunities to explore the area's interesting backstreets.

If you are driving to the bookstore, there is a paid parking lot available at the site with a total of 120 spaces.

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Elizabeth S 5 years ago
While buying books online and reading on a tablet are so convenient, there's nothing like riffling through the pages of a book or magazine. This looks like a fun and relaxing place to browse books and magazines the next time I'm in Tokyo.
Kim Author 5 years ago
I totally agree - it's a big part of why I love this bookstore so much, because it mixes traditional books and modern media too. I never want to see traditional books die out, so I think stores like this that merge both are great.
Michael Groen 5 years ago
Definitely one of my favorite bookstores, the design and atmosphere is excellent to easily spend time in there for hours. The only wish I have is that the store could have a bigger range of English business and design related books although tough to find in general.
Kim Author 5 years ago
It really is the kind of place that makes you want to stick around a while. I'd definitely love to see more English offerings too but I'm just glad there's a decent enough selection! Makes me happy when I see familiar titles on the shelves!
Sleiman Azizi 5 years ago
I haven't been to this one but heading down to bookstores like Kinokuniya in Shinjuku or Junkudo in Ikebukuro was always a real pleasure for me.
Kim Author 5 years ago
I love Kinokuniya too! Bookstores are just one of those happy places for me. I still have an e-book reader, but there's something about an actual book, and the "new book smell" that I adore.

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