Ueno Toshogu Garden

The Beauty of Peonies in Winter

By Jeanne Aucerf    - 2 min read

The Ueno Toshogu Peony Garden is a hidden gem lost in the middle of Ueno Park in Tokyo. While hasty tourists often pass it by as they rush toward the nearby museums, Tokyoites love to come here to find relaxation and forget about the city bustle.

Entirely dedicated to peonies - in springtime it counts up to 600 blossoms from various species, this garden is a place specially designed for the contemplation of those regal flowers. Along the promenade you will find benches strategically positioned to enjoy the delightful scenery and even a haiku corner where you can compose your own piece of poetry! The garden opens twice a year (winter and spring) at times corresponding to blooming periods.

Even though May might be the best season for the flowers, it is also the most popular. For those seeking a more peaceful atmosphere, I strongly recommend to visit the place in January when snow is prettily dusting the ground and visitors are few and far between.

The garden is situated next to the recently renovated Ueno Toshogu Shrine that you can also visit. A combined ticket for both the garden and the shrine is available for 1100 yen instead of 700 for the garden only.

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