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Ushigoro Bambina Grilled Beef Bar

Italian style meets Japanese flavor

When people think about Japanese traditional food, they certainly picture noodles, sushi, or anything related to fish. However, there is something else that Japanese chefs master like in no other country: Yakiniku.

Yakiniku literally means grilled meat and refers to a traditional Japanese method of cooking meat by grilling it over flames with vegetables, in what we might call barbecue style. Usually, the meat is served raw and a small grilling device allows you to grill the food yourself before eating it freshly cooked. Beef is normally associated with Yakiniku but you may have pork or chicken.

Ushigoro Bambina in Shibuya is an excellent yakiniku restaurant with a classy atmosphere, where you'll be able to taste one of the greatest grilled meats in town along with delicious wine. When you enter the restaurant, you'll immediately feel transported into another world, where eclectic design meets exceptional cuisine. The decoration combines rough materials such as cork, wood and grainy paper with sleek tin and smooth metal items. The dark, tan colors create an intimate ambience that will transport you from the noise of the city and let you relax in a bubble of style and sophistication.

Their menu brings together a broad collection of meats combined with outstanding sauces. It creates a surprising encounter between Italian cuisine and Japanese cooking expertise for a highly innovative collection. Let yourself be tempted by some black beef prosciutto, raw, delicate and presented in style, or light and crispy beef spring rolls. Try the amazingly juicy bambina steak with the richest flavor and perfect texture. You'll also be able to try the bambina "hamburg", a patty of the best meat topped with bambina sauce, and the most impressive burger you'll see in your life, the bambina beef burger, that is actually a mountain of the tastiest beef meat cooked in different styles topped by a spoonful of delicious cascading gravy.

Ushigoro Bambina also serves delicious wine to go with your dishes. Being French, I can tell you that I know about good wine, and trust me: these ones are quite amazing. You have a wide selection of premium wines that will work perfectly with what the restaurant offers. You can't leave the restaurant without having ordered at least a glass. Beer and Spirits are also available, as well as dessert.

The Beef Burger is ¥2,000 and given the quality of the meat and the restaurant itself, it is good value. The Bambina steak is ¥1,500 and the hamburger is ¥1,200. Entry dishes are around ¥500-800 so if you are ready to save some money to spend on premium quality food, Ushigoro Bambina is the place to visit: trust me, you'll never forget your dinner here.


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Ngọc Minh Châu 5 years ago
I never traveled to Japan before. But I set up the plan for this summer 2019 I will go there and discovery every beautiful place in this
Kim 5 years ago
Looks mouthwateringly good - love the interior design of the restaurant as well!
Relinda Puspita 7 years ago
Looks juicy. Yummy!
Preethu 7 years ago
Oishiso. Wanna try it next time in Tokyo
Unique spring rolls!