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VR Zone Shinjuku [Closed]

Discover a new class of entertainment experience

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The location on this page has been reported permanently closed.

Last updated: Apr 1, 2019

VR ZONE SHINJUKU is every tech-savvy, game lover’s dream and promises to redefine the traditional game center using the latest VR technology available.

Opened in July 2017 as Japan's largest VR facility, VR Zone rides the trend for creating cutting-edge, immersive and interactive experiences mimicking real-world environments. With headset hardware provided by the HTC Vive, VR Zone promises to deliver a much more dynamic experience than that provided by home VR systems, and also provides a great way to experience VR for those who have never had the chance before.

VR Zone merges theme park-type rides with virtual reality, where participants’ own movement is simulated inside each activity, beyond the traditional controller-based movement that VR usually relies on. Relying on your senses and getting a feel for each space surely takes VR to the next level.

Mario Kart Arcade GP VR
Mario Kart Arcade GP VR (Photo: Japan Travel)

Several of the VR activities allow a maximum of up to 4 people. The facility opens at 10am daily, and admits guests on an hourly basis. Once in, you are able to stay as long as you like.

Admission grants access for up to 4 different VR activities, which might present a tough choice when considering the exciting options on offer! Try from “Mario Kart Arcade GP VR”, “Evangelion VR ‘The Throne of Souls’”, “Dragon Ball VR ‘Master the Kamehameha’”, “Gundam VR ‘Daiba Assault’” and “Ghost in the Shell Arise: Stealth Hounds” (due to open in winter).

Ghost in the Shell Arise is being classed as the first “free-roam” VR activity being provided on Vive in the world, while Gundam VR promises the chance to interact with the famous robotic mecha. A few more unique activities—rescuing a cat at the top of a skyscraper, escaping a horror room, or even just fishing—round out the activity menu ensuring there is almost certainly something for everyone.

Steep Downhill Ski Simulator, Ski Rodeo
Steep Downhill Ski Simulator, Ski Rodeo (Photo: Japan Travel)

Known by some as the future of Japanese arcades, VR Zone is the ultimate stop for anyone keen to experience the latest in cutting-edge VR and looking for a once in a lifetime adventure (minimum age of 13 applies). With the set price admission of ¥4,400 covering up to 4 different VR activities within one day (with the exception of Ghose in the Shell – ticketed separately), VR Zone Shinjuku provides a great day out, with a gift store and resort café also available on site.

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