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Tottori Sand Dunes - Desert in Japan

Sand, ocean and sky - ride camels, sandboard and more

This awesome sand formation was created naturally over thousands of years and it is constantly growing. It is quite a connection between land, ocean, and sky. The views are amazing and you can hardly believe that you are still in Japan. The highest sand dune is about 47 meters tall and looking down towards the ocean you can almost wish you could fly over it. The area also has some green vegetation, particularly special flowers that are native to the area. It is about 16 km in length from the east side of the Uradome coast to the west where it reaches the Hakuto coast. In terms of fun, you can get a ride on a camel, or try sandboarding and even paragliding over the sand. I would recommend this destination for everyone, since it is quite an interesting and refreshing view of another part of Japan.

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