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Fugan Unga Kansui Park

A hydrophilic park surrounded by a lush green lawn area

Just 10 minutes walking distance away from Toyama station, Fugan Unga Kansui Park is one of the easily accessible sightseeing spots around Toyama City. This hydrophilic park is surrounded by a lush green grassy lawn area where people can spread out their blankets and enjoy a picnic or read their books in peace. You can enjoy the view of the beautiful waterfront over the picturesque canal. The waterfront is also known as fountain square and is surrounded by a walkable path and sloped verdure lawn which has a different appearance in all four seasons.

The popularly known "Tomiwa canal" of this park has great historical importance. Similarly, The "Tenmon-Kyo" bridge is one of the main attractions of this park. One can easily spot this bridge as it is also the main symbol of this park and is commonly used in every brochure and picture there.

The Starbucks in this park is considered to be the most beautiful in the world. This award-winning cafe is considered to be spectacular during the night with all the lights and its peculiar design. You can enjoy your coffee with the beautiful overview of the park during the day as well.

This park is also a popular venue for many festivals and events throughout the year making it one of the attractions of the city in all four seasons. These events include fireworks and lights displaying the breathtaking beauty of this park all year round.

This park also operates a leisure cruise to the port town of Iwase. During the course, a guide will briefly inform you of the history of the canal system. You can purchase tickets inside the park which is also the boarding point for the cruise. On the way to the Iwase port town, the cruise will briefly stop at the Nakajima lock gate system built-in 1934. Here, you can experience the locker system lifting you.

Getting there

The park is located 10 minutes walking distance away from Toyama Station's North exit.

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