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Toyama City

Former castle town full of tradition

About Toyama City
Photo: Toyama Chiho Railway Toyama City Tram Line - flicker(5) – tsuda / CC BY-SA 2.0

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Fugan Suijo Line

Fugan Suijo Line

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Toyama Airport

Toyama Airport


Toyama Airport provides access to the historic Hokuriku region, with both domestic and international routes available.


About Toyama City

Toyama is the capital city of Toyama Prefecture, and is perfect for people who are interested in history, art, and medicine.

The Toyama Glass Art Museum houses a great variety of glass art from all over the world. Its stylish building was designed by famous architect Kuma Kengo and is definitely a place not to be missed, with impressive permanent and temporary exhibitions on show.

Toyama Castle is a 16th century castle located within the grounds of the Toyama Castle Park. The castle is a history museum that outlines its history through archeological materials, maps, and reconstructions, and also provides an excellent view of the downtown area. It is great for a day of relaxation and sightseeing, and is a popular place to view cherry blossoms in April.

For plant-lovers, head to the Botanic Gardens of Toyama where about 5,000 species of plants are displayed. With both outdoor gardens and greenhouses, the wide selection of plants will keep you occupied for a while.

At the Toyama City Hall Observatory, you can have a panoramic view of the Tateyama Mountain Range during all seasons.

Toyama is also where Kaze-no-Bon is held. It is a night festival that features dancers whose faces are covered in straw hats, and is said to appease typhoons in order to bring in bountiful rice harvests. The streets will be decorated with paper lanterns and the melancholic accompanying music paints a dark atmosphere during the festival.