Koto Performance

An encounter with a Japanese traditional instrument

 By Reynald Ventura   Sep 28, 2016

Fusako Watanabe, music teacher and koto virtuoso, plays Harue Momoyama’s (桃山晴衣) ‘Kimi ga Aiseshi Ayaigasa’ (君が愛せし綾藺笠) at her residence in Chigasaki City.

One of the privileges of friendship is a free ticket to their performances. In this recital, the audience is composed of only two people: the videographer and his partner.

I felt it was a kind of command performance – not by virtue of one’s status in the society but by sheer love of traditional music and friendship.

The virtuoso generously extended an invitation to my person to witness a private recital. She performed three long pieces. In between, there was a 15-minute intermission. She also gave us the privilege to pluck the 13-stringed instrument (a treasure – it cost almost a million yen) and learned some phrases from ‘Sakura, sakura.’

It was followed by a lovely dinner and a conversation that lasted until we had had enough drinks. It was a duet of traditional music and traditional hospitality.

This October, experience Japanese traditional music at Kioi Hall.

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Preethu a year ago
I have seen this before. I also like the music.
Elena Lisina a year ago
I love Japanese music very much!!! Thank you for sharing this!
Elena Lisina a year ago
Reynald, Arigatou! :)