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Ise-ji Road of the Kumano Kodo

Magose Fudoson

The Kumano Kodo pilgrimage road, located in Owase City, Mie Prefecture, has been used by many people since the Edo Period. There are six roads in total and the “Iseji Road” is the one leading from the Kumano area to Ise Grand Shrine.

The trip to Ise Shrine was very popular for a long time and people walked the Iseji Road often. The path was laid with beautiful stone pavements to protect them from the elements and allow pilgrims to pass in safety and while appreciating their surroundings.

There are several courses for walking but the “Magose Toge” is recommended for beginners. The courses are quite long so you should choose one that suits you best. Each road has its own characteristics and the landscape is also different. Magose Toge is not so hard if you have climbed some easy mountains before.

On the way to Magose-Toge you will pass “Magose Fudoson”. Fudoson is an important Buddhist deity and often called Fudomyo. Entering the big gate, called a torii, and following the path straight ahead, you will see “Magose Fudo Falls”. The falls are not so big, but if you stop to listen to the water, it will fill you with a sense of calm and wash away your tiredness.

During the summer, the shade and the water make this the perfect place to rest and cool down. Soon you will be re-energized and ready to finish walking the Kumano Kodo completely!

After finishing, you will feel fulfilled and hungry. I ate a fish set meal, called “Osakana Teishoku” in the restaurant and it was so tasty. If you stay in Owase at a hotel or ryokan, you will have a good dinner! You can see a lot of stars at night, an impossible sight from an urban area. You can definitely enjoy spending your time in Owase.

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