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Kuroshio Market

Eat fresh sushi from a just cut tuna

You’ve probably heard a lot about Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo. But do you know about Kuroshio market in Wakayama? Take a short bus ride from Wakayama City to the nearby man-made island and enjoy fresh sushi or sashimi of the just cut maguro or blue fin tuna. You can actually see how they are cutting it.

Wakayama’s Marina City is a recent finished complex with hotels, hot springs, a theme park, sea fishing space, fruit village, and fish market. It’s a modern and nice area to walk around, but Kuroshio Market is definitely the highlight.

If you are a foodie, you will enjoy spending some time inside the market. There are more than fifteen food stands, each of them preparing and selling their own speciality. You can find anything from raw seasonal fish, barbecued and grilled oysters, tempura, noodles, roasted tuna, and of course sushi. Eat small bites in each place, just make sure to leave some space for some more maguro.

Three times a day (11:00 am, 12:30 pm, 5:00 pm), a professional fishmonger comes out with a 100 kilograms just caught blue fin tuna and cuts it in front of an audience. He explains the fillet process and the grading system of the meat. The 15 minutes talk is only in Japanese.

As soon as the cutting is over, go to the shop just besides the presentation stand. They will be selling sushi and sashimi of the just cut tuna. It sells out really quick! Prices vary on the quality of the meat, but for the standard quality expect to pay around ¥1,500 for 10 pieces of sushi.

Just in front of the fish market you will find a fruit village. They sell all sort of local and imported fruits. Fresh juices and smoothies are also available. Walk around and you will find some good deals. Many shops have huge discounts for fruits which are still good but you must eat them almost right away. If possible, try to find some cheap grapes. They are extremely tasty!

The easiest and fastest way to go to Kuroshio Market from Wakayama City is by bus. Just in front of the train station catch bus number 42 or 121. A one way ticket costs ¥510 per person.

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The sushi look good and fresh
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How about the bus schedule?
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I'll enjoy this market.
José Manuel Zardain Author 7 years ago
I do think you will. The sushi is so good! Don't miss it!
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Very informative and well written!
José Manuel Zardain Author 7 years ago
Thanks Justin!

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