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Nyuto Onsen

Set in a beautiful forest covered mountain, Nyuto Onsen is one place very much worth visiting, and one that is very accessible by public transport, in the heart of Akita Prefecture.

Hotel Grantia Akita Spa Resort

Hotel Route Inn Grantia Akita is located 8 minutes on foot from JR Akita Station. It has plenty of services on hand such as an in-house onsen.

Hotel Metropolitan Akita

Metropolitan Akita is a three star hotel next to the Akita Station. I had a pleasure to stay in this very comfortable place and I slept extremely well on their perfectly firm bed.

Tazawako Youth Hostel

While the building is quite large, there aren’t so many guests, giving some sense of community. On the other hand the building is so spread out that you can quite easily find your own little corner without being bothered by anyone.

Akita Youthpal Hostel

The Akita Youthpal Youth Hostel is more like a resort than a youth hostel. This is a slick modern building set in park like settings, about 20 minutes by bus from Akita

Comfort Hotel Akita

Comfort Hotel Akita is a mid-range hotel that caters to Japanese and international visitors. Signs and explanations of everything you need are in Japanese and English. Conveniently located right next to Akita Station. Many perks like free Wi-Fi and breakfast are included