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Hotel Grantia Akita Spa Resort

All you can have hotel in Akita City

Route Inn's Hotel Grantia Akita is located a short eight minute walk away from JR Akita Station and is within the vicinity of Kawabata Street, Akita Citizens Market and Al✰ve Exposition Hall & Cinema. You will immediately notice the hotel building the moment you are on the river stretch as it towers over the few buildings that are around the corner.

The best thing about Hotel Grantia Akita is that within the hotel, there is an on site onsen hot spring for both visitors and hotel guests to enjoy. Hotel guests has the privilege of entering the Onsen free of charge whereas visitors have to pay an entrance fee of 600 Yen (Adults).

The onsen itself is beautifully decorated and it gives off the vibe that you are in a mountain retreat, with all the wooden fences wound up around you. There are special minerals infused into the water, so whenever you soak yourself into the hot spring, do not get alarmed if the water has a deep red hue to it.

Not only that, there are also massage services for 1000 Yen and up to stimulate those tired muscles if you prefer, massage chairs located on the second floor of the hotel. There are even Manga comics located next to the massage chairs for those who want to take a read to pass the time. Conference rooms are in abundant in this hotel, whether you want to stage a grand event in one of the bigger exhibition rooms or a small gathering in the Japanese style conference rooms. There is even hairdressing services on hand if you need to get a hair cut before meeting your colleagues for an event.

The hotel boast a variety of rooms that span across its two buildings (Central and East Wing) and they include Singles, Double, Twins and Japanese Style Family Rooms which can accommodate up to four guests, with the price depending on the number of guests. You can check out the prices and make a reservation by clicking the door bell button on the top right corner of this article.

Nonetheless, what I like best about the hotel is the hospitality of the staff. The moment you enter the hotel, despite it being busy or not, the staff at the counter will take the effort to greet you and that made me feel really welcome. The lobby as well is exceptionally spacious, with chairs lined up for guests to rest or to use the nearby computer. The interesting facet about the hotel is the fact that all shoes have to be deposited into the shoe cabinets which are provided in the lobby. As such, you will be walking in the hotel without shoes and I do like that aspect very much for it makes me feel like home.

In the room, sky blue pajamas were provided together with paper slippers if you do not wish to walk barefooted around the hotel. I like how the hairdryer is located above the dressing table. There is also television for entertainment with a host of channels for you to browse through in both Japanese and English. In my opinion, the beds were indeed comfortable for they were soft and slightly bouncy to the touch, just as I like it. The towels provided were sparking white but slightly on the rough side (it depends of which kind you prefer) and the room was neatly decorated that is on par with other Japanese hotels around the country. The shower was great and I liked how you can switch between the shower head and the flowing tap.

Breakfast in the hotel is from 7 am to 9 am and it is definitely a spread! They have Chinese, Japanese and Intercontinental selections for breakfast. It is an international feast of sorts. For breakfast, I had Japanese pouched egg coupled with grilled fish, dumplings and a whole helping of rice. There are also bread, butter, yogurt, udon noodles and a selection of orange juice, grapefruit juice, milk, ocha, oolong tea and more to choose from.

Now, isn´t this the perfect hotel to be in? The Hotel Grantia Akita has everything you need.

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