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Taibusamisaki Nature Park

A forested lookout over Tokyo Bay

Looking at a satellite map of the greater Tokyo area, you will see there are swaths of green and coastlines. Chiba Prefecture, home to Minamiboso Quasi-National Park, has many green and coastal spots within easy reach of Tokyo. In Minamiboso City is Cape Taibusa, or Taibusamisaki, a promontory that juts out into Tokyo Bay, only 90 minutes away from most Tokyo. The cape is home to lush forests, wide-open spaces, two campgrounds, and beaches.

In October 2019, the southern end of the Boso Peninsula bore the brunt of Typhoon Hagibis, a massive tropical storm system that spawned a tornado and caused widespread damage in Minamiboso City. The aftermath is still evident in the region. You may notice bent fencing, toppled trees, and roofs stripped of their roof tiles. However, resilient Cape Taibusa retains its lush subtropical forest canopy surrounded by green meadows and rocky shorelines.

Taibusamisaki Nature Park has a historic connection as a fortress site. There are defense installations that remain from the time of Commodore Perry’s expedition and World War II. On your walks through the park, you might spy the remnants of gun emplacements and bunkers. A modern observation tower affords 360-degree views of Tokyo Bay and surrounding Minamiboso and Tateyama Cities, a testament to the strategic importance of the cape.

Today, the park is recognized as a center for shinryoku, forest therapy with meandering paths that range up and down the slopes and trails to coves and lookouts from which you can see Mount Fuji on a clear day. As you take your time along the paved and rocky paths, you might encounter skittish crabs, tobi hawks hunting, and perhaps lizards and snakes. A few times on my walks creatures furtively darted behind me.

The park has two campsites and barbeque spots that catch the breezes off Tokyo Bay. For those who prefer a more sedate pace, the Hotel and Resorts Minamiboso is situated in the park with all creature comforts. The hotel's spacious bath is available to day-trip visitors, so you can enjoy roughing it in the park and a luxurious soak at the open-air bath (note that the bath is not an onsen).

Getting there

The cape is about 10 minutes by car from Tomiura Station on the Uchibo Line.


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Kim 2 years ago
So much serenity!
Elizabeth S Author 2 years ago
I felt that! Listening to the waves crash on the rocky beaches was so soothing. The meadow above the beach is spacious. So relaxing I didn't mind the exertion of the trails in the summer heat.
Elena Lisina 2 years ago
Beautiful views! I love sea but live too far away from any sea. :(
Elizabeth S Author 2 years ago
It's a bit far for me, too. Minamiboso City is about a 90-minute drive from Yokohama or Shinjuku. From where I live it's a nearly four hour train journey but well worth the trip.