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Seitai Hoshikai in Japanese means the Institute of the Handmaids of the Holy Eucharist. It is a community of nuns living a life of dedication in a convent, located in a semi- rural area 8km north east from Akita City. It is accessible from JR Akita Railway Station or the cruise port terminal by bus or taxi.
Let the hundreds and hundreds of years of this sacred location refresh your soul... Hōryū-ji, a place not to miss if you visit Nara!
Miyazu Catholic Church is the oldest church in Japan, with a fascinating clash of Japanese and Western styles and culture
Konpira-san is a Shinto shrine in the town of Kotohira in Kagawa, Shikoku. It sits on top of Mount Zozu and provides great views as well as interesting historic buildings
Experience the birthplace of one of Japan's most renowned Buddhist monks.
Osaka International Church has Bilingual (English & Japanese)services on Sun at 10am. It is approximately a 5 minute walk from Tamatsukuri subway station.
Saint Maria Osaka Cathedral: Christianity’s history and driving forces in Japan
St Agnes Cathedral is a story of modern day Kyoto, a story of faith and the uniting of the two cultures in Kyoto today, that of the United States and Japan. Bilingual Services in English and Japanese are held at 8:30 am every Sunday in Central Kyoto near the Imperial Palace.