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Zao Fox Village

Zao Fox Village

Rebecca Daum

Zao Fox Village is filled with over 100 animals and 6 different types of foxes in Shiroishi, Miyagi Prefecture.

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Sendai Daikannon

Sendai Daikannon

Justin Velgus

The Sendai Daikannon statue is currently the world's sixth largest statue, located in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture. It stands 100..

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Michinoku Park 11

Michinoku Park

Rebecca Daum

Michinoku Park has beautiful scenery, flowers, boating, and historical houses. It is a great place for a picnic or to spend the..

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Sendai's Tanabatakan 15

Sendai's Tanabatakan

Elena Lisina

The Tanabatakan is a museum displaying beautiful decorations from the iconic Sendai Tanabata Matsuri. The museum gives visitors..

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