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Matsumoto Frog Festival

Matsumoto Frog Festival

Bridget Ye

Matsumoto's Frog Festival only happens two days every year. Make sure to catch it while it's here!

Nagano, Nawate Street Jun 22nd - Jun 23rd 10 Free
Nagaoka Festival

Nagaoka Festival

Rey Waters

Nagaoka Festival and Fireworks a tradition since 1946 to commemorate victims of war and earthquakes.

Nagano, Shinano Riverside Aug 2nd - Aug 3rd 1 Free
A Day Trip to Obuse

A Day Trip to Obuse

Avery Choi

Obuse is a must-see destination easily accessed from Tokyo or Kanazawa. Discover a town full of chestnuts, Hokusai (Paintings by..

Nagano 1
Inside Karasu-jo 12

Inside Karasu-jo

Elena Lisina

Matsumoto Castle is one of Japan's five original standing castles. Its wood interior, darkened by time, is severe and functional...

Nagano 9